Fabjola Qosja

My favorite thing about HYPE is definitely the professional and personal connections I’ve made with other members by attending events and being involved in the HYPE committees. A close second is the opportunity to explore and become more involved in the Hartford community.

Christy Corey

I love the creative energy here. There are a lot of people working to make new and exciting things. I am always inspired to see how people re-purpose spaces, collaborate and find new ways to bring people together. I think HYPE is a really good…

Janine Belsky

In the past year that I’ve been a member, HYPE has proved to meet these expectations and exceed them in proving the city’s motto, “Hartford Has It.”  I love that there are many aspects of the group, from networking at happy hours to taking a…

Jesse Imse

HYPE provides so many unique opportunities for young professionals in the Hartford region. My favorite aspect is the diverse offerings of events the organization provides. Event themes range from general networking with fellow young professionals to larger scale events where you gain valuable access to…

Billy Grant IV

This region is my home, and that means everything to me. Growing up here, too often I would listen to my friends bash Hartford and Connecticut as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and hope to see the world one day.…

Lauren Angat

I love Hartford and this region for its historical landmarks that makes its skyline. It's also the different culture and people that make the downtown area unique and like no other.

Dyani Williams

I love the fact that my role at Foodshare enables me to be creative, and engage in a variety of projects and events that consist of promoting Foodshare’s mission; to lead a coordinated response to the issue of hunger.

Julia Class

I love the rich history of Hartford and the hidden gems it has to offer. At this time, with the increase in young professionals to the area and passion of those who live here to rejuvenate the area, Hartford is poised to grow and become…

Alex Peterson

I am really struck by the progress that Hartford has seen over the past few years. I moved into a downtown apartment in early 2016, and now there are noticeably more people out experiencing what this city has to offer on weeknights and weekends.

Jason Styra

Hartford is filled with a diverse history.  Learning about how the face of the city has changed over the centuries fascinates me.The architecture, the companies, the food, all keep me looking for some new hidden gem the city is hiding.

Stephanie Knightly

I originally joined HYPE to meet some other young professionals in the non-profit sector, but have stuck around and become more involved because of the welcoming/inclusive atmosphere and the like-minded passion the 4,000+ HYPE members share for the city of Hartford.

Daniel Zakin

The HYPE community and connection to the Civic Engagement piece in Connecticut.

Krista Reynolds

I love that HYPE is so casual – you get out of it what you put into it. If you’re just there to make some new friends, that’s cool. If you’re there because you’re trying to grow awareness of your own business, that’s also cool!

Ryan Baldassario

Growing up I always thought to myself, “What would it be like to work in Hartford?” I pictured being at the capital, and after interning at the LOB as an undergrad at CCSU I knew that I could find a professional home in Hartford should…

Jennie May

Since moving to New England, I love spending free time outside exploring the area. During the work week I am dedicated to early morning gym workouts but on the weekends I love finding a new place or adventure to go on whether walking Silver Sands…

Tyler Losure

While I firmly believe that Hartford is on the cusp of establishing itself as one of the next great young-professionals hub, like an Austin, Charlotte, or Buckhead (Atlanta), there is still so much to enjoy as it is now!

Dara DeCroce

Hartford is steeped in history,  but also has a modern edge.  There is always something new to learn about Hartford, or something new to try, like a restaurant or yoga in the Bushnell park. 

Jessica Hinman

As a life-long Hartford area resident (with plenty of travel and residences in between) I can honestly state that I love the history, passion and resilience that Hartford represents.

Mia Sinatro

Hartford truly has it all! The vibrancy, culture and opportunities Hartford has to offer are unique; there is something for everyone no matter what interests or hobbies.

Michelle Rose

I am quite the foodie, so what I love most about Hartford thus far, has been exploring all the restaurants, coffee shops, and searching for the best chicken wings in the region, (I am a Buffalo girl, home of the chicken wing!).

Niccola Castro Del Rio

My favorite thing about HYPE is the opportunity to increase my network while I get to know more about Hartford. I like how HYPE combines several social events with the opportunities to teach about Hartford and bring new people and give them the opportunity to…

Andrea Hartman

Like many folks in Hartford, I moved here to work in the healthcare sector, so I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know folks in a more diverse set of for- and non-profit sectors in the Hartford area.

Phil Blonski

In addition to working at a non-profit, I am involved with The First Tee of Connecticut, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, and the Chrysalis Center. I work as a lead golf coach with The First Tee on Saturdays and assist with after-school programs at the Boys &…

Charmaine Mullings

My favorite thing about HYPE is the diversity it offers in all the events and activities which gives you the opportunity to meet different people from varying backgrounds.

Matt Hankins

My favorite thing about HYPE is how it immerses its members into the city of Hartford. When I first moved here I knew nothing about the city and mostly avoided it. Now I come to Hartford all the time.

Jocelyn Hillard

I value that HYPE encourages members shape their own experience. Whether you like meeting new people at networking events, trying out a new activity like kickboxing, or enjoy attending fundraisers like Tee It Up for Charity, HYPE provides many opportunities for young professionals get involved.

Kel Thomas

My favorite thing about HYPE is the people. I selfishly joined HYPE simply to meet other motivated individuals in this area. I am not native to Connecticut and HYPE seemed like a good way to broaden my social network. I have met a great number of interesting…

Stephanie Berman

I joined HYPE shortly after I started working in Hartford, and being a member has not only allowed me to learn more about the region but to have a better appreciation for it. I love that HYPE offers so many different opportunities to young professionals.

Janet Vamos

I love how there has never been a dull moment for me since I joined HYPE. Having been a member for only a year and a half, I have paddled in a Dragon Boat race, moderated a book club discussion for the Personal and Professional…

Divyam Garg

I like HYPE’s ability to engage community members from different backgrounds to network with each other, and give back to our community through volunteer service. I especially admire all the engaged individuals in HYPE, and their drive to help those around them become better citizens…

Greg Calnen

My favorite thing about HYPE is the platform it provides for young professionals to broaden their horizons and become more engaged members of society. HYPE allows its members to gain experiences that may not be available in everyone’s careers.

Isabelle Miner

Having come from a 6-year stint in New York City, I appreciate the slower pace with comparable opportunity. It allows you to take it all in, whether that’s well into your career or just starting out getting a handle on the surroundings.

Nicholas Weston

Outside of work, I am currently enjoying the thrills of home ownership along with my girlfriend Keight. We also enjoy touring all the breweries and distilleries that seem to be popping up all over the state. I hit the gym regularly, and have vastly improved…

Gillian Stone

I really enjoy being a part of HYPE because I feel connected to the young professional community in Hartford, and I feel like it's a quickly-expanding area! It's very exciting.

Mark Zipadelli

The variety of choices is what makes HYPE special. As our lives change, this organization has a multitude of options to support that change without losing relevance. And really, that is what HYPE is all about. An ongoing support for the region, the capital city,…

Kristyn Neal

I’m usually up for most anything, but most of all I love to travel. Some people say I travel a lot, but for me it’s really not enough. I would gladly live in a suitcase if it meant I could see the world. It’s my…

Klejdis Radomi

HYPE has become a major part of my everyday life! I joined in January of 2016 and quickly fell in love with its mission and work. HYPE has become a cornerstone for young professionals in the region. Committees formed are tailored to make sure we…

Olivia Astle

I've grown up in CT and lived in the state most of my life and yet I've come to truly love CT, particularly the Hartford region in the years that I have been a HYPE member.

Aaron Knight

I like that HYPE gives people a sense of community that they may be lacking. Especially for people new to Connecticut or new to the Hartford area. As someone originally from Waterbury who moved to Hartford 4 years ago, HYPE has helped me increase the…

Amanda Trothier

Before working in Hartford I had heard many negative opinions from friends and family about the city. However, working in Frog Hollow and being an active member of HYPE have completely changed any preconceived views that I had and have turned me into an advocate…

Aaron Eicoff

When I moved from New York City to Hartford, I certainly did not expect to find such a thriving metropolis. Now I have more events on my calendar than I can possibly attend.  HYPE has certainly been a conduit to finding activities in the area.…

Corrine King

My favorite thing about HYPE is the opportunity to meet so many different and enthusiastic young professionals and being involved in a great organization. At each HYPE event that I go to, I meet so many passionate young people.

Andrew Stipicevic

If I won a million dollars, I’d open a restaurant. I’ve always loved to cook. Right now, it’s only been something I enjoy after work so it would be nice to do it for a living.

Kelly Conrad

I love that you can walk just about everywhere downtown and come across so many different cultures. Just considering the types of cuisine available, you’ve got everything from Thai to Caribbean within walking distance. Plus, there’s so much history here; you can take tours of…

Dan Castle

I resonate with the fundamental goal of HYPE to engage young professionals in their city and their peers while simultaneously enriching the greater Hartford area as a byproduct of this process. It’s nice to socialize with like-minded people too!

Alisha C. Pierce

My favorite thing about HYPE is that at every event I learn something new about Hartford, CT. This occurs through my interaction with various professionals from different industries-who are natives of CT and who are thusly very familiar with the area.

Christopher Woodhouse

My favorite thing about HYPE is meeting motivated and energetic people like myself! I race motocross on the weekends, and one of my biggest pet peeves is a poorly executed handshake. 

Katherine Donovan

My favorite thing about HYPE is having the ability to be involved in the community and meet people at the same time. I started attending Get HYPE’d events and then proceeded to join the Community Involvement committee last year. This gave me the opportunity give…

Lisa Pawlik

HYPE is such a treasure in our capital region.  If offers young professionals and entrepreneurs everything they could possibly want!

Steven Hernández, Esq.

Having moved to CT and the Hartford region a little over 5 years ago, HYPE was one of the first social organizations for professionals that provided opportunities for me to get to know and contribute to my adopted community.

David Morse

My favorite thing about HYPE is the ability to network and meet people. Also, HYPE members are able to give back to the community and region, and have a great time doing it.

Christina Lumbreras

I love Hartford and I'm happy to call Connecticut home. I'm not a big city girl, so it's the perfect size. I love the nearby farms and outdoor activities while still maintaining a cool night scene.

Christopher Remo Pagano

I’ve been living here in downtown Hartford since 2014 and working here since 2009. Over that time, I’ve learned so much about the city.  Of course my absolute favorite thing about Hartford is HYPE, but nightlife comes in a close second.

Melissa Cahill

In 5 years I see myself working with children in a nonconventional setting. I plan to work with a team that inspires each other and their students to make the world a better place. In 10 years I hope to be married and be the…

Frank Hamer

Most of my time is devoted to coaching youth hockey in Avon, and playing whenever I can. I also play golf, and enjoy fishing in the spring and fall.

Katie Kervick

My favorite thing about HYPE is that it gives me opportunities to interact with like-minded people who care about the Greater Hartford region.

Kevin Paro

The friendships and connections I’ve made through HYPE have been incredible. I literally didn’t know a single person when I first started going; everyone was super inviting and now I feel like I’ve developed some really close friendships with a  bunch of the people I’ve…

Jessica Fenner

During my free time I love to run. I just finished a half marathon in March and am looking forward to full race schedule this summer. When I am not training, I love nothing more than a great glass of red wine and am always…

David J. Rubin

I’ve lived in CT all my life. Hartford has a lot of memories for me for the past 2 decades— most especially UConn basketball. My father used to be the Jonathan the Husky so UConn is my lifeblood.

Rachel Santacroce

My favorite thing about HYPE is the welcoming, positive quality of the organization. When I first joined I was nervous because I did not know anyone yet but I was immediately welcomed and made to feel comfortable.

Stella Szantova Giordano

I knew nothing about Hartford at that time, and he pointed out beautifully and historically significant buildings, the cemetery, the Atheneum, the waterfront, and had amazing stories about the history of the city and its neighborhoods. That is when I realized there was more to…

Nick Pinto

It provides a great forum which young professionals can socialize, network, and grow within Hartford. When I first started working in Hartford, I was unaware of all the opportunities available to YP’s.

Sugan Kumar

I have been living in the Hartford area for 20 years. I have gained friends from both my professional and personal Hartford experiences, which have helped me to grow to what I am today.

Steve Clayton

In the future, I want to get my CIA, Certified Internal Auditor, certification. After receiving that, I would be able to possibly move into IT/Information Systems. I am currently looking into this opportunity.

Colette Gregoire

What I like most about Hartford is that it is a hidden gem. I have lived in West Hartford for four years and was not aware of all of the things that Hartford has to offer, until I joined HYPE about one year ago.

Beth Matonak

 I am an active person and participate in a variety of races including 200 mile running relays, triathlons, obstacle races, open water swimming, half marathons, duathlons, 10ks and several 5ks each year. So far this year I have completed 17 races and have 7 more…

Tyra Peluso

If I had a million dollars I would open a pet sanctuary/rescue/no kill shelter. Also, my not so hidden talent is baking. My baklava was voted "best dessert" at a prior Northeast Utilities Taste of Diversity Event.

Kevin Ehrlich

I am a Repair Development Engineer at P&W.  Just like your car needs oil changes and tune ups, so do jet engines. It is my job to write the repair manuals for jet engine mechanics to use on military engines.

Amee Parikh

I would like to be able to use my experience, skills and network to build a team and products that aim towards general public welfare including access to healthcare, educated and preventative care, better access to education and better lifestyles in limited income.

Michael S. Hill

I came into my current career in a rather atypical manner; initially attending college to study music but ending up graduating with a degree in Political Science. 

Amanda Girardin

My dream job would be to be an extreme weight loss fitness trainer, like those on The Biggest Loser, in order to help people reach their maximum potential and live long, healthy, and productive lives.

Eliana Cardeño

I would like to start a social enterprise that focuses on women's empowerment and healthy lifestyles.

Ryan O’Halloran

I plan to run for office and write a novel by the end. I also put stock in being a good friend.

David King

I would like to work toward completing the CFA program and continue to support community involvement.

Liz Slot

I love my job so I see myself teaching there for the next few years at least. I’d also love to travel and cross a few bucket list locations off my list, including New Orleans and some European cities.

Laura Dinan Haber

October 2013 Age:  Very funny HYPE Member Since:  2011 Employer: MetroHartford Alliance Industry/Job Title: Director of Investor Events What she does: I am a solutionist. In the world of events, I have to plan for what is expected but be prepared to accommodate everything unexpected that happens. Every…

R.C. Thornton

My main work falls in my web marketing and development business, which is a great way to meet awesome people (especially small business owners) and to build a network. A number of other projects include working with a team of programmers on a web app,…

Amanda Schoonmaker

I am responsible for raising awareness of the Center within the region, handling everything from website management to public relations. I have been with the Convention Center since 2010, working in Sales prior to my current position. I hold both a Master and Bachelor Degree…

McKinley Albert

 I am currently the Director of Development at Hartford’s Camp Courant, the largest and oldest free summer day camp in the country.  Prior to coming to Camp Courant in January 2013, I spent four years as Development Officer-Private Grants for Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity. …

Ray Hernandez

 I have wide-ranging responsibilities that focus mainly on communicating business news to our more than 35,000 employees around the world. This includes being a co-editor of our company’s intranet, managing various electronic tools and being part of the company’s social media team.

Martha Paluch

As a runner, I am particularly excited about the 5k that HYPE and the MetroHartford Alliance is organizing in conjunction with the Hartford Marathon Foundation on November 11, 2012.

Alison M. Valerie

I communicate to participants of MassMutual retirement plans, through either print or email marketing materials, the importance of saving for retirement and encourage them to take action towards that.

John Farrell

I talk to computers in languages they understand.  Worked on a wide range of programming projects from fleet routing software to facebook games, front end to back end.  My day job keeps me busy working on guitarcenter.com.  

Robert Wu

Last year, I helped negotiate a $1 billion deal for the sale of Pratt & Whitney’s new PurePower jet engines.  As a Technical Analysis Manager, I provide jet engine performance analysis and maintenance forecasts to support sales campaigns.  Based on my analysis of the revenue…

Kate Hayden

This year I got involved in HYPE by serving on the Community Involvement Committee and the Public Policy Committee.  For the HYPE toiletry drive for Hands on Hartford I promoted the event and served as the contact person.  Later I recruited a team of HYPEsters…

Jeremy D. Race

In addition to my responsibilities at JA, I also serve on the steering committee of the New Britain Youth Network, a collaborative of more than 40 youth-serving agencies.   In 2010, I helped launch the city of New Britain’s first-ever dropout prevention program called Graduation Odyssey…

Katie Carges

I have been the Associate Director for Corporate & Foundation Support at Hartford Hospital since April 2008.  In this role, I am responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with foundation and corporate partners and researching, preparing, and submitting funding requests to a variety of local,…

Bobby Hensley

I provide insurance and financial services to individuals, families, and businesses in the greater Hartford area.  Whether it is making sure a family/couple is taken care of financially in the event of a death or breadwinner’s disability, I offer a variety of insurance products for…

Theresa Desilets

To work at a top-rated marketing or advertising agency for 10-15 years and then go back to school for my PhD so I can teach marketing during the school year and open/manage my own bakery over the summer.

Mike Carucci

I want to continue to support this organization and our region in the coming years either through public office, work with other non-profits or other ventures. I am excited to see how this generation of professionals will positively impact the Greater Hartford region through HYPE…

Alex Koenigsberg

As I continue to master the trade I see myself coordinating larger events, perhaps at the XL Center or Comcast Theatre. I also have a plethora of entrepreneurial ideas that one of these days I will actually give the time and attention that they need.

Rachael E. Succo

got involved with HYPE because I’ve only worked for small companies so it’s been difficult to meet and mingle with other young professionals in Hartford. In the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to get to know some of the smartest, hard-working, inspiring group…

Naomi Reid

Yes, working with teens and meeting celebrities is very cool, but it’s bigger than that - I am truly thrilled to be in downtown Hartford, working with an organization that changed my high school experience and continues to challenge, entertain, and inspire the community (and…

Jeff Roux

I love what I do but would like to do less of it, I work up to 13 hour days. I am current working hard with my business partner Shawn O'Brien to develop and grow our staff and business.  We would like to be in…

Frank Campailla

Professionally, I want to pursue a management position and continue moving up from there. Personally, I want to travel as much as I can. I have visited six countries and have so much more to see.

Erik Person

I am a Senior Analyst at Travelers. I was a finance major at Elon University in North Carolina. My first job out of college was at the Hartford as a teleservices representative for individual annuities.

Charles Logue

Without HYPE, I would have never been offered my current position. This came after networking with fellow members and serendipity. HYPE is an amazing way for young professionals to increase their network.